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By virtue of Intersoft’s extensive experience in variety of domains, over a decade and a half, it has a vast knowledge repository and experienced resources. Intersoft has been providing technical solutions and business assistance in domains ranging Health care, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Travel Industry, Education, HR Solutions, Asset Management and Retail.

Intersoft is committed to help its clients achieve the highest levels of efficiency and productivity by offering back office outsourcing services like data entry, data management and business analysis. We can tailor our services to fulfil the exact needs of the client by leveraging our technology, resources and skills allowing them to focus on their core business processes and cut costs without compromising on quality.

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Comprehensive managed services include

  • Network

    Cloud services are network dependent, which is why Intersoft network management and monitoring services have become critical to IT.

  • Service desk

    Intersoft 24/7 support is about maximising service efficiency, resolving problems and driving continuous service improvement.

  • Infrastructure

    Intersoft ensures your IT infrastructure is always optimised to support the stable and highly available services organisations demand.

  • Backoffice support

    From data entry and bookkeeping to customer service and finance, we offer a wide range of backoffice support services to meet your unique needs.

  • Applications

    Intersoft supports Software as well as on-premise deployments, ensuring applications are always optimised for the best possible user experience.

  • Managed services plus

    Intersoft provides advanced management tools to clients who want to take their IT Service Management to a higher level.

  • Data entry and data processing

    Inputting, organizing, and managing large volumes of data into digital formats. This can include tasks such as data entry, data cleansing, data validation, data conversion, and data analysis.

  • Finance and accounting services

    Outsourcing financial and accounting tasks such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, bookkeeping, financial reporting, tax preparation, and auditing.

  • Human resources outsourcing

    HR functions such as payroll processing, benefits administration, recruitment and staffing, employee onboarding, training and development, and performance management.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Flexibility

    Agility to adjust resources and capacity according to fluctuating business demands and seasonal variations.

  • Cost savings

    Access specialized skills and resources at a lower cost compared to hiring and maintaining in-house staff.

  • Access to specialized skills

    Benefit from our experience, best practices, and advanced technologies, leading to higher-quality outcomes and improved performance.

  • Improved SLAs

    Determined to meet service level agreements (SLAs) and performance metrics, ensuring consistent and reliable service delivery.

  • Enhanced innovation

    Exposure to new ideas, technologies, and best practices, providing cutting-edge innovations and continuous improvement opportunities.

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Intersoft has not just been a service provider but a true partner in our growth and success.