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Integration Bus

Modern organizations rely upon different software systems to manage their business operations and to help run their business spread across different geographies. The variety of software systems used inside a large organization is due to multiple factors like difference in life cycles of software systems, evolution of software systems to meet new business requirements, budget constraints, introduction of new systems to keep pace with technology, mergers & acquisitions that bring different practices and software systems into play etc.

An organization needs information to flow seamlessly across different systems to support critical business tasks and ever shrinking timelines without manual updates or delays. Integrating systems of different technology flavours, size and functionalities becomes a complex task given that systems change at different times in large organization. To address this core business need, Intersoft has developed an Integration Bus to act as common platform for an organization to integrate systems with relative ease and flexibility.

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Intersoft Integration Bus enables integrations across different systems using Http protocol which is technology agnostic. Systems based on different technologies like Microsoft .NET, package ERP or CRM applications, open source like Java or PHP, Mainframes etc. can be integrated through Integration Bus in loosely coupled manner through Http endpoints for SOAP and REST protocols.

It supports complex object graphs up to Nth level containment with objects fields of different types including complex data types like dictionaries, lists and arrays. Objects containing data for complex business workflow for one system can be easily transported to another system with simple user interface configuration in real time.


Our products provide a unique range of benefits

  • Easy-to-use interface

    A system integrator can transform data with mapping rules through easy to use drag drop interface, define simple scripts, add validations when data flows from one system to another. Integration bus tracks all integration requests flowing through it with maintenance of data snapshots protecting sensitive fields for future tracking and auditing. Contact Intersoft for more details and demonstration for the Intersoft Business Forms framework to start using powerful features it offers and to give your business users power to alter complex user interface easily to meet dynamic business requirements in a short span of time.

  • Security infrastructure

    All integration requests flowing through Integration Bus can be secured with out of the box security infrastructure available in Integration Bus. You can also plug in your own custom security layer in the request flow. A large organization will have millions of transactions flowing through its systems in a day. Integration Bus has been designed with consideration to support high number of transactions in a short span of time with 24×7 up time to ensure stable connectivity between systems. It supports high degree of concurrency and minimal overhead in entire request flow with proven performance in banking systems and other installations.

  • Detailed documentation

    Integration Bus is easy to deploy and use. It comes with elaborate documentation on how to start and step wise description on how to configure integration end points. Detailed product documentation provides users with clear instructions, in-depth insights, and troubleshooting guidance for seamless navigation and utilization.

Contact Intersoft for more details and demonstration for the Intersoft Integration Bus to start using powerful features it offers and to connect your IT systems to take your business to next level by tapping benefits of an integrated IT eco system. Let’s get started

Its seamless integration capabilities have streamlined our processes, enhanced data flow efficiency, and provided us with unparalleled flexibility in managing our systems. It's truly a game-changer!
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