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Enterprise Application Framework

Intersoft goes by the philosophy of providing services with reusable components developed by Intersoft to avoid the need for reinventing the wheel every time and help our customers in time and cost savings. Following this philosophy, Intersoft has invested in building a powerful enterprise framework to act as a base for building new systems for our customers.

Enterprise Framework provides many ready-made components out of the box that accelerate speed of development for new systems. It gives immediate benefits like stable platform proven in many high-volume large-scale production systems, cost saving and faster time to market for new systems to our customers.

Enterprise Framework helps in mapping system features with business operations inside a large enterprise that is operating in multiple business domains across divisions and subsidiaries serving many clients. It enables an organization to define different business products internally and externally that it offers by linking products to system functionalities via a common platform.

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The whole workflow for on boarding users belonging to different divisions is quickly accomplished with ready-made features available in Enterprise Framework. Multiple level of security components come into picture to grant the right type of access to users across the organization with each user having access to only the required functionalities from the product line according to their business role in the organization. It enables clients of the customer organization to do business on common system platform in an integrated manner.

Customer’s clients and client’s users can be on boarded with easy setup available in the Enterprise Framework. Client users get access to limited functionalities and data which is controlled by the customer. A customer can segregate data for its clients using the multi-tenant services architecture available in Enterprise Framework for safety and privacy.

The user interface (UI) is an important part in any system since an easy to use UI always helps in better user efficiency and quick adoption of a new system. Intersoft Enterprise Framework meets all the UI needs that a complex system needs to handle. It provides common UI templates with responsive aspects to quickly build the UI layer of a new system. The look and feel can be easily customized according to needs of each customer.

Further customers can customize the look and feel of user interface for their clients to offer distinct offering that is suitable for each client and can also localize the user interface in different languages. The UI is designed by keeping in view the performance aspects that an enterprise application needs to handle by loading required data on demand only.


Our products provide a unique range of benefits

  • Communication center

    A business system that is used by large number of users across divisions and clients for a customer require that users can communicate through common platform. Enterprise Framework offers messaging and communication center that enables smooth exchange of messages and system notifications.
    Business workflows can hook up with messaging sub system to send automatic notifications based on user defined templates both to internal users and external users. System users can track messages linked with system records, attach documents to message, respond to messages, draft messages to ease completion of tasks that involve teams or multiple users’ interaction.

  • Ready-to-use APIs

    There are many easy to use APIs available in the Enterprise Framework that helps in commonly required functionalities like document processing to convert documents into various formats or store/search or view documents, payment processing workflows, cloud integration with AWS and Azure, maintaining Audit History, creating batch jobs with various scheduling configurations.

    At the core level Enterprise Framework provides secure communications across various system layers, robust error handling with complete details of all exceptions to quickly track errors, caches for storing data for faster access, capability to direct reports to read only data nodes in database cluster for distributing heavy reports.

  • Business components toolkit

    Intersoft Business Components Toolkit can help an enterprise to quickly build robust new software systems or extend existing systems to meet varying requirements for complex business workflows that may span across subsidiaries and client organizations. Contact Intersoft for more details and demonstration for the complete Intersoft Business Components Toolkit to start using powerful features it offers and to help accelerate your development initiatives.

Enterprise Framework in conjunction with Intersoft owned Rule Engine, Integration Bus, Business Forms make for a very rich and powerful business components toolkit that is proven in many customer installations world-wide. Let’s get started

Our development team has greatly appreciated the intuitive design and comprehensive documentation provided. The learning curve was minimal, allowing our developers to quickly become proficient with the framework. This has accelerated our development cycles and improved overall productivity.
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