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Business Rule Engine

A modern business enterprise deals with many dynamically emerging situations like need for introducing new business products and services, changing customer expectations, competition landscape, government regulations etc. These factors demand that underlying software systems accommodate the changes at faster pace to keep up with business requirements.

Enterprises have two options in such scenarios

1.) Get the code changes introduced in large and complex systems at faster pace and roll out updated systems regularly.
2.) Softwares are built with smart tools that can be quickly configured by business users without need for code changes.

Intersoft has built a Rule Engine that allows the enterprises to exercise option 2 that allows them to keep pace with changing business scenarios quickly, reduce costs and risks.

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Intersoft rule engine provides a very easy interface to users to create dynamic rules for business logic and requirements.

It gives user freedom to modify the business logic comfortable. Let us take a scenario for assigning Credit Card Categories based on Credit Limits and Actual Spends. So, typical rules will be different Conditions for (Credit Limit between amount A AND Actual Spends between amount X) then Bronze Else if (Credit Limit between amount B AND Actual Spends between amount Y) then Silver etc. In future if you want to introduce another condition for Gold category or add another check in conditions then that can be easily defined in Rule Engine user interface by the business users only without any code changes. This is a very simple example of a rule engine condition. There can be very complex business rules that can be easily defined in Intersoft Rule Engine and system can start using the new rules immediately.


Our products provide a unique range of benefits

  • Flexibility

    User can define variety of rules starting from basic user interface validations to complex business logic rules, communication rules and automatic schedule rules that execute automatically in background for large scale data processing. Rule Engine is highly scalable and capable of performing high degree concurrent evaluation of dynamic rules with large systems that are using Rule Engine executing thousands of rules in short time.

  • Easy integration

    Intersoft Rule Engine comes with easy to integrate service-oriented interface. You can easily integrate your business applications with Intersoft Rule Engine using the http services provided by Rule Engine. Detailed documentation and code samples are available for your developers to start using rule engine in a short span of time. End users can be quickly trained on how to use the Rule Engine user interface to start building dynamic rules on top of their business data they are using in their current business applications.

Contact Intersoft for more details and demonstration for the Intersoft Rule Engine to start using powerful features it offers and to help make your applications flexible by giving power to your users to define business rules directly in the software. Let’s get started

The impact of your product on our business has been profound. We have seen a significant improvement in decision accuracy, faster implementation of business changes, and a reduction in operational costs. The system has empowered us to make better, data-driven decisions and has become a cornerstone of our operational strategy.
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