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Enterprise software systems have rich user interfaces with need to provide user interaction on large amount of data. The nature of business data for a large system is often complex that contains lot of information and relationships. As an example, a customer relationship Management System used by an organization is likely to have hundreds of fields that will belong to different sub entities like Personal Details, Address, Contact and Communication Details, Hobbies, Demographic Details etc.

There are many such core entities with sub entities in a big system. Usually the user interface for complex data entities is developed by software developers by writing code which takes longer time and further any future changes require more code changes. Intersoft has addressed the core need of developing complex user interface for web applications with relative ease at a business user level with its Business Forms framework.

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Intersoft Business Forms framework can be integrated in a new system or it can be integrated inside an existing system. It requires you to provide meta data about your data schema and provide basic methods each of which will provide and save data for single database table. Business Forms framework is based on service-oriented architecture that will consume your basic data methods.

The entire User Interface construction work and laying out web forms, fields on forms, binding data to form and retrieving data out of form to save will be handled by Business Forms framework. Business Forms framework has been used successfully for heavy duty user interface for complex entities and many sub entities containing 500+ fields. It can integrate with any type of data schema that can be possibly there in an enterprise level application..


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  • User interface designer

    Intersoft Business Forms provides capability to end user to create and modify the user interface for their web applications inside a user interface designer with simple drag and drop. User can design new web forms with different type of web controls like text field, drop down, radio button, button, check box, section grouping etc. The web forms will be based on fields from a main entity and it sub entities. It gives freedom to user to mix fields on a web form for an entity with its sub entity, change UI labels and add field validations.

    The capability to move around fields on user interface is a powerful feature e.g. you can place customer details like first name, last name belonging to Customer entity on a communication detail form that has fields like email, business phone, residence phone from Communication entity. You can add custom fields of any data type like text, numeric, boolean etc. beyond the basic fields available in standard data entities in the system. These custom fields can be placed on the web forms..

  • Details documentation

    Business Forms framework comes with elaborate documentation on how to start and step wise description on how to integrate it with a new application. Contact Intersoft for more details and demonstration for the Intersoft Business Forms framework to start using powerful features it offers and to give your business users power to alter complex user interface easily to meet dynamic business requirements in a short span of time.

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The customization options provided by your solution are exceptional. We can tailor forms to meet our specific needs, ensuring they align perfectly with our branding and functional requirements. This flexibility has enabled us to use the forms for a wide range of applications, from internal surveys to client feedback and beyond.
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