An American chain of domestic merchandise and engages in the operation of retail stores and retails domestics merchandise and home furnishings. The company was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Union, NJ with about 1500 stores and 50000+ employees across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Offshore Development Center (B.O.T.)


Client was working with multiple vendors and service providers across globe for it’s IT needs. They wanted to consolidate its IT services to streamline development and support process and have better control over cost and timelines.

To maintain competitive edge and manage costs, the company was considering establishing an Offshore Development Center (ODC). The main objectives include leveraging global talent, reducing development costs, and accelerating project timelines.


Intersoft facilitated the establishment of an offshore development center for the client by assembling teams across the spectrum of IT services.

This comprehensive engagement encompassed:

  • Establishment of office space at the preferred location.
  • Technical migration from diverse vendor teams.
  • Consolidation of knowledge and seamless coordination among teams.
  • Formation of multiple teams specializing in eCommerce, web development, mobile applications, POS systems, data warehousing, back-office operations, and enterprise support centers.
  • Provision of back-office support and management services.


The implementation of the ODC provided the client with numerous advantages and quantifiable benefits, including:

  • A significant reduction in IT services costs by 50%.
  • Streamlined and controlled operations, meeting the client’s specific requirements.
  • Enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Round-the-clock development capabilities.
  • Access to a global pool of talented professionals.
  • Improved quality of work.