Intersoft Rolls Out Business Rule Engine Version 1.1

A fast moving world and businesses require fast moving software’s to support and channelize the changing requirements and customer needs. We have now moved into on-demand customization of products and services without having to wait for weeks of programming efforts and without compromising the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of solutions. This requires organizations with strong self-governed processes that empower them to translate business logic into a set of rules. The changing rules need to be understood, planned, mapped, executed and managed in digital ecosystem which need to be built by individuals closer to business, that are non-technical users.

Intersoft Rule Engine – Breaking new grounds with instant decision making outside the code base!
The rule engine empowers to monitor the business operations separately from the code-based architecture, can make changes to the business logic independently as and when required.

With minimal engagement of programmers, the Intersoft Rule Engine lets the business create & manage decision processes, instantly. The ‘if-then-else’ expressions can be used to develop critical business rules, decision tables with a sleek UI and all this can be done for multiple tenants alongside of maintaining the versions which they would want to publish to only certain set of population/users/customer’s criteria falling in date range rather than everyone. Seamlessly integrating with client systems, the Rule Engine captures operational workflows and business data models thereby quickly responding to changes in the business logic and thus help businesses achieve superlative performance.