Intersoft has won a new Development initiative of BTL Surpass

Established in 1985, BTL Group Ltd. has grown into a renowned global provider of assessment technology and services trusted by some of the world’s highest profile providers of high-stakes summative assessments. It serves the Surpass Community from offices in the UK and in the United States. Since 2007, BTL’s core focus has been the development of its award-winning Assessment Platform, Surpass. Surpass is considered to be one of the best solutions available and is used internationally to create, deliver and mark over 3 million computer-based tests every year.

BTL Surpass engaged Intersoft to enhance their product for future work and new solutions. Intersoft started this project in December, 2017. Technology set includes Visual Studio 2017, DOT Net 4.5, C#, SQL Server 2016, AngularJS, ReactJS, Node.js, Sass, Redgate SQL Compare, Redgate Ant Profiler, Selenium for Automation.