The human resources department of any organization deals with enormous amounts of employee data and is responsible for carrying out a number of tasks integral to efficient functioning of the company as a whole. These tasks include recruitment, background verification, payroll management and employee management among others.

Perhaps the most critical function of human resources departments is payroll processing i.e. to organize the many tasks related to employee finances, for example salaries, bonuses and the corresponding tax filing requirements. Payroll processing involves keeping track of employee hours, calculating wages, withholding taxes and deductions, printing and delivering checks, depositing salaries into employee accounts, paying taxes to the government as per regulations, and taking care of insurance premiums. A payroll system is a software designed to achieve automation of these tasks and requires minimal effort from the employer. The HR personnel only needs to input the basic employee information and the software uses this information to perform all necessary computations, including tax calculations and deductions.

The recruitment process is another key HR duty. Identifying and hiring talent can be a painstakingly slow process if appropriate tech solutions are not employed for candidate screening, background verification and the interview and selection process. From online job portals to professional networking sites, the recruitment sector has been transformed by digital evolution and has given employers and candidates multiple platforms to engage with each other and make informed decisions.

Intersoft’s partnerships with global giants like PayReel and American DataBank (ADB) have proven our strengths in providing software solutions for recruitment and payroll processing, along with day-to-day administrative activities of an organization, for improving communication within the organization and for tracking employee performance.

Our Experience

  • Payroll management

  • Background verification

  • Employee solutions

  • HR management

Intersoft is working with a client in HR domain who has teamed up with Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries to deliver end-to-end freelancer on boarding, compliance, and payroll strategies that optimize productivity and operational agility. Intersoft is engaged in developing the employee on boarding, time tracking, billing and reporting software systems. The cloud-based software allows employees, managers, and contractors to access and process the information they need. The system helps in on boarding the new workforce by filling the personal information, signing the federal and state documents, and job approvals. The system has the capability to provide custom analysis and standard reporting, hours worked, paid sick leave, and employee work history. The software monitors the changing rules and regulations of all on boarding, compliance, payroll and contractor pay requirements on the federal, state, and local levels. The employees can access their timecards, hours worked, expense reports, and approved paychecks.

Intersoft has developed a generic product for another client that provides air-tight background verification system to all type of organizations. People from different walks of life with different backgrounds associate themselves with different organizations for education or jobs. Background verification process ensures that organizations are aware if a person with wrong antecedents is trying for any such association. Software enables multiple types of background screening like criminal search, employment history, residential history, finger printing etc. with a customizable user interface supported by a business rule engine to easily plug new background screening needs of any organization. replica rolex watches iced rolex replica

Intersoft has seamlessly integrated the software with backend components to process and perform background screening providing highest level of flexibility to mould data flow and pricing of different services as business requires with simple configuration. The data collected through different custom forms which can be defined by business users for employment history, education history, residential history, details for finger print etc. is processed for perform background screening. The client then notifies the applicant of the results for background screening.

Intersoft's expertise in creating custom HR solutions is showcased excellently in our in-house HR management portal HRMS. This intranet application tracks various employee metrics and simplifies employee management vis-a-vis time-sheets, performance appraisals, leave tracking, grievance redressal etc. This tool is used to connect employees with management and HR in our centers across multiple geographies.