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The education industry performs a vital role in any society as it equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to survive and thrive in a continually changing working world. This is a crucial sector as it determines the quality of the workforce in all other industries, but it also faces unique challenges of its own. Educational organizations take upon themselves the essential responsibility of preparing future generations for work and life, and to that end, perform various functions that can be bolstered by robust technological backing.

The ubiquity of digital devices and software can help simplify the various administrative activities that are necessary to achieve operational effectiveness in the ever-expanding list of institutes striving to provide quality education. Student information systems can be used to manage communications and track student progress.

Digital learning platforms can provide previously unimaginable opportunities for personalized learning and customization to meet individual educational requirements. Technological tools can also be leveraged to adhere to industry specific norms and standards, in order to hold up to the intense public and political scrutiny that the field is subjected to.


The industry sectors we served include

  • Course Planning

    Comprehensive solutions for educational institutions helping educators design effective curricula.

  • Internationalization

    Optimize your global footprint ensuring seamless functionality and user experience regardless of geographical boundaries.

  • POS For Books

    Comprehensive solutions tailored to optimize bookstores’ operations to thrive in today’s digital marketplace.

  • Books Buyback Process

    Enhancing efficiency, accuracy, and profitability, ensuring a seamless experience for both you and your customers

  • Inventory Management

    Harness the power of technology to gain unprecedented control over your inventory, drive informed decision-making, and stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape.

  • CMS-Provisioning Digital Content

    Enabling seamless management, delivery, and optimization of digital assets across diverse platforms.

Benefits to bank on

Our clients are able to increase end-user productivity without sacrificing usability.

  • Access to resources

    Access to a vast array of educational resources, including e-books, online journals, videos, and simulations, regardless of geographical location or time constraints.

  • Efficiency

    Streamline administrative tasks such as attendance tracking, grading, and scheduling, freeing up educators’ time to focus more on teaching and mentoring students.

  • Performance analytics

    Use data analytics to make informed decisions regarding curriculum development, resource allocation, and overall institutional strategies.


  • Global reach

    Offering online assessments with proctoring capabilities providing access to individuals worldwide, and support global scalability & reliability.


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Our education expertise

At Intersoft, we are staunch believers in the transformative power of education and have displayed our commitment to the cause time and again by associating with some of the most respected names in education globally, including Follett, Prometric and BTL.

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