Travel & Tourism

Hospitality and travel brands are in constant competition to provide memorable experiences for their customers. This is not limited to the trips themselves but the entire undertaking, including location research, fare calculations, bookings, payments and discounts.

As with all other industries, it is not surprising that consumers are relying more and more on digital channels for their travel needs. Travel companies cannot afford to ignore the role that digital platforms play in this scenario.

Consumers for the travel industry today are exceedingly discerning, and look for flexibility and customization of their travel experience. It is crucial, therefore, for the service provider to cater to their demands, meeting their expectations while keeping in mind their time-sensitive nature. The one and only key to meeting customer demands in a business that is so dynamic in nature, is digital transformation. Those in the hospitality industry must embrace the technologies that can support them in keeping their customers happy and satisfied.

Intersoft has extensive expertise in Travel and Tourism portal solutions for travel destinations and information service providers across various functions. We have developed a Travel Component Framework – iTourist Connect that is built on in-house re-usable components, 3rd party tools and customized components.


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Payment Gateways


Inventory Access

Best Fare And Rate Search


Multiple Product Lines

Third Party Integrations


DiscoverAmerica is an official site for US travel sanctioned by the Travel Industry Association of America. The objective of the website is to represent the United States as an attractive travel and tourism destination for the purposes of increasing awareness, generating positive perception and intent to travel to the United States from five identified markets. The website encompasses information on all components of the U.S. travel and tourism industry in six different languages and features information on U.S. states, territories, destinations, attractions, booking tools, natural resources, dining and lodging facilities, transportation companies, travel agent directory, official entry information and an easy to use and interactive United States map.

Intersoft was associated with them since 2007 in development and maintenance of the site(s) using Enterprise web content management development platform Rhythmyx, Java and multiple third-party integrations. Intersoft successfully designed and implemented a generic, robust and scalable architecture to support high load and availability along with covering all business requirements.