Systems Maintenance

Modern companies use set of software systems which have been developed in-house or developed through outsourcing or procured as package applications. Companies want to use the successful software systems for longer time periods to recover the investment made in their development and provisioning.

However, most of the software systems need some type of maintenance due to changing environment and scenarios like operating system updates, dependent software library updates, some hidden defects, improvements needed with time etc. Intersoft offers cost effective services for maintenance of variety of software systems based on its experience and expertise in all phases of software life cycle.

Having developed extensive expertise in complete software development life cycle (SDLC) with practical experience of design, development and final delivery of variety of software systems over the years, Intersoft has the requisite skills to address all type of maintenance requirements. Intersoft provides cost effective solutions that are within customer’s budget for software maintenance and help customers get continuous return on their investment. Intersoft adopts a mature methodology while taking up the maintenance of a system by using its Global Service Delivery model that helps in better delivery of services at lesser cost.

Depending on the size of functionality footprint and complexity of a system, the team structure for system maintenance is planned carefully with right mix of onsite and offshore resources to provide faster services and solutions with help of additional time utilization in a 24 hours cycle in a cost-effective manner in this model. Onsite resource is available in business users’ work timings, provides on the spot solutions for critical issues and coordinate regular maintenance task with offshore team.


  • Corrective maintenance to correct problems discovered in software product performed after delivery as reactive modification.
  • Adaptive maintenance to keep a software product usable in a changed or changing environment by making necessary modifications of a software product performed after delivery.
  • Perfective maintenance to improve performance or maintainability for software product after delivery with due modifications.
  • Preventive maintenance to detect and correct latent faults in the software product after delivery before they become effective faults by making changes.

A typical maintenance engagement can start with initial interaction with the stakeholders who own the system to gather initial knowledge followed by collection of the available system documentation, source code and binaries, hosting details for system including all environments like UAT and Production system. It is followed by development of a quick functional understanding and side by side technical understanding from available resources and analysis.

Intersoft believes in smooth maintenance of a system to ensure that customers get the benefit of continued services without any interruption or problems in production system. So, Intersoft pays a great attention to develop as much knowledge as possible in the shortest possible time which may include debugging the system code, analysing database schema, review past defect history and system logs, closely analyse recent changes.

After a short phase of getting understanding of the system, Intersoft team responsible for maintenance of system monitors the production servers if production monitoring and deployment is responsibility of Intersoft team as part of contract. We pro-actively check different aspects like resource usage statistics in servers, logs, data samples etc. in live system to mitigate issues ahead of their occurrence and provide timely information to business users about any queries they may have about functioning of the system. Any defects found are thoroughly analysed with root cause analysis, fixed and verified. Similarly, new requirements are analysed for overall impact in system, developed and verified. All changes whether due to defects or changes or software updates are planned as short maintenance releases with due testing, user acceptance and production roll outs with proper planning.

Another type of maintenance service is for supporting systems in production that have been designed, developed and delivered by Intersoft. Intersoft is successfully managing maintenance of variety of systems ranging from system with large size and scale to medium size and scale. Intersoft is providing software maintenance services to its clients. Intersoft provides services for maintaining systems based on different types of technologies from legacy technologies like Classic ASP, Visual Basic, Mainframe to more modern technologies like Microsoft.NET, Java, PHP, SQL Server, Oracle, Cloud based, Oracle Apps and many other technologies that are depicted under Software Development competency.


Real-Time Maintenance & Job Management

Adequate planning for the maintenance process allows the users/customers not to deviate from their regular work schedule. Intersoft has simplified the maintenance process so much so that you won't need IT to set it up just configure it to match your workflow and take control of your maintenance operations and workforce.

Add Value with Business-Centric Reporting

Intersoft aims at maximum utilization and extension of its own and its customers business. This goal is same as of any maintenance program. Close association of job to business need enables the availability of long term trending data which adds on to better budgeting, team management, vendor management and control management.

Rules, Alerts & Notifications

In today’s era we have powerful rule engines which provide us with real time alerts like SMS and email notifications. Along with these functionalities our rule engines can also tell your system to create and update jobs automatically based upon infield actions and workflows. In today’s business world stay ahead and get true automation in your business with Intersoft.

Faster Complex Integration

Intersoft handles complex countless real time integration scenarios. Enormous increase in the operational efficiencies, productivity and success rates is achieved by integration and connection of your data, business applications and workflows.

Reliable Planning, Resource Allocation, Estimation and Scheduling

Intersoft uses automated methods, tools and techniques for advance planning, resource allocation, estimation and scheduling that guarantees work deliverables as per given schedule.

Faster Bug Management

Proper management of the recurring faults and report on failures from a customer, asset, site, job or technician perspectives helps in time saving.

Contact Intersoft to help you maintain your existing software systems for ensuring stability, smooth user experience and longer life cycle to get the best returns on your investment.