Systems Development

Intersoft is a globally reputed software development services company having one and half decade of experience in successfully developing variety of complex software systems in a range of technologies. We have been working with many customers to help them design and develop the best in class software systems in different industry verticals like banking, health care, education, asset management, retail and other verticals.

Customers across industry domains have realized that software systems and products are getting increasingly complex due to speed of technology changes, vast amount of domain knowledge and regulations, ease of use and flexibility required by users that make underlying components complex, need for newer and richer functionality necessitated by market forces and competition, increasing volume of data and user load. Therefore, it becomes even more critical that the software vendor has the right expertise and processes to be successful in building their systems.

Intersoft software development processes are focussed on solving actual client problems, provide solutions with right understanding of client requirements, smart decisions, optimal design and correct implementation. As a company Intersoft has 100% success rate in designing, developing, verifying and delivering end to end software solutions providing great return on investments to our clients.

Our technology experts combine technical and business know-how to build technology driven strategies that consider the operational model, organization, brand, customer experience and information systems management issues. We strive to generate real, measurable results with value-added benefits to client business, by using our experience in building transformational systems in multiple domains, deep technology knowledge, enterprise Integration and smart project management.

Our methodology connects each competency, leading to scalable and robust solutions for each client we serve. A dedicated team of professionals, who strategize enterprise transformations and leverage the value of their existing applications using our reusable assets, specialised operational skills and global delivery competencies. We drive our clients toward investment in enterprise architecture, rather than reactive expenditure on maintenance of existing, highly complicated and disparate IT systems. We provide services in defining the Technology road map and Reference Architectures to build a robust and scalable technology enabler in the organization.


Application Development

  • Enterprise Applications
  • UI/UX
  • System Integration
  • Mobile Development
  • Product Consultancy
  • Software Testing
  • Application Support

Business Intelligence

  • Analytics
  • Reporting
  • Data Warehousing
  • Big Data
  • Data Mining
  • Optimization

Infrastructure Management

  • Infrastructure Services
  • Management & Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Network Management
  • Hardware Troubleshooting
  • Help Desk Support

Intersoft has wider experience of developing software for hardware devices to large scale online systems, reusable technology components, complete technology upgrade with legacy conversion, complex system integrations, mobile interfaces, business analytics, content management in last one and half decade for reputed customers like CityBank, Pepsi Co, Follett, ADB, BTE, AMT Direct and many other successful stories.

Our technology practices cover entire Microsoft stack, Oracle, Open Source, UI/UX, System Integration with SAP/Sales Force/Accounting Systems, QA Automation, Mobile platforms like Android/iOS, Other technology streams like Data Warehouse and Unix/C, Performance Engineering. Intersoft is keeping pace with latest development in technology in Machine Learning, Blockchain, UI/UX frameworks, Dev Ops, Microservices, Cloud, Big Data to provide high end software services to our customers.

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