The education industry performs a vital role in any society as it equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to survive and thrive in a continually changing working world. This is a crucial sector as it determines the quality of the workforce in all other industries, but it also faces unique challenges of its own. Educational organizations take upon themselves the essential responsibility of preparing future generations for work and life, and to that end, perform various functions that can be bolstered by robust technological backing.

The ubiquity of digital devices and software can help simplify the various administrative activities that are necessary to achieve operational effectiveness in the ever-expanding list of institutes striving to provide quality education. Student information systems can be used to manage communications and track student progress.

Digital learning platforms can provide previously unimaginable opportunities for personalized learning and customization to meet individual educational requirements. Technological tools can also be leveraged to adhere to industry specific norms and standards, in order to hold up to the intense public and political scrutiny that the field is subjected to.



Course Planning


POS For Books

Books Buyback Process

Inventory Management

CMS-Provisioning Digital Content

Intersoft is working with a leading player in books in entire North America who is the single largest source of books, entertainment products, digital content and multi-media for libraries, schools and retailers. Intersoft is providing software services for building state of the art solutions across an array of software systems to support critical business operations handling large volume of data running into Terra bytes, millions of transactions in day, 15000+ business users.

Intersoft has successfully delivered complete enterprise system that manages end to end Course Material Planning, School Courses Information, Title Capacity Plan, Purchase Orders, Inventory handling and Buyback for thousands of colleges and universities. The system developed by Intersoft provides real time updates with complex inventory and future planning, sales across multiple channels, supports end to end integration of multiple systems for quick flow of information across systems.

Intersoft works on systems supporting multiple sales channels for a large player in education domain from Web to direct integration with Student Information System in universities. All systems involved in the supply chain for printed and digital books from Payment Processing for Credit Cards and Gift Cards etc., Fulfilment for new book sales and book rentals.

Accounting workflows are part of Intersoft services. Softwares developed by Intersoft help schools and universities during the rush periods for new college terms by supporting large transaction volume to help millions of students get the right course materials at economical prices at right time.

Intersoft is working with another client in education domain who is a publisher and distributor of books and entertainment. The client's core business distributes tangible media content (i.e. books, calendars, music CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs), digital content (i.e. eBooks and e-spoken word audio), and collection development and processing services to libraries throughout the world.

Intersoft team is currently working with Baker & Taylor to provide digital book content through “Axis-360” web platform via Axis-360 web app.

Prometric is a Delaware based company widely considered the world leader in test development and administration solutions in academic as well as professional spheres, providing the convenience of online testing services across a secure network. As technology partner, Intersoft has helped them design solutions to support test takers worldwide who take more than seven million tests each year in more than 180 countries.

We developed next generation system for a client which automates the process of test scheduling and organizing tests for customers. It also provides a common interface between customers, thus addressing the need for an intermediary platform between all systems starting from test planning till test completion.

Developed using new-age UI frameworks, this system boasts of many advanced features, namely immediate and filtered replication of data over secure communication proxy between data center and remote test centers, package based installation of server and client software at test center for smooth communication and exam delivery, automatic update of software using distribution servers and the flexibility to switch between online/offline delivery mode.

A reputed global provider of assessment technology and services trusted by organizations conducting high-stakes summative tests all over the world has chosen Intersoft as technology collaborator for their award-winning platform for end-to-end assessment system for the secure management and delivery of online exams. Using behavior driven development (BDD) and Continuous Integration and Continuous delivery (CI/CD) approach, Intersoft has enhanced the product considerably and provided a roadmap for future digital solutions that is helping the client further consolidate its position in the market. Sophisticated solutions have been applied to achieve precise control and flexibility of the system, while keeping scalability and usability considerations in mind so that a wide range of services is supported seamlessly.

Intersoft has developed an advanced solution which provide educational institutes the ability to track and store immunization records securely. Intersoft empowered schools with profile sharing feature through which students and school admins can initiate profile sharing with agencies to provide them with student immunization data, documents and background check summaries for clinical experiences such as externship and internship.

The solution provides drug screening components that can be easily tailored to different educational institutions.