Business Process Outsourcing


Businesses all over the world are looking towards destinations like India for outsourcing their secondary business processes. Business process outsourcing gives flexibility to the business by allowing the key resources of the organization to focus on core business like customer intimacy, product leadership and operational excellence rather than spending time on non-core or administrative processes.

By virtue of Intersoft’s extensive experience in variety of domains, over a decade and a half, it has a vast knowledge repository and experienced resources. Intersoft has been providing technical solutions and business assistance in domains ranging Health care, Banking & Finance, Insurance, Travel Industry, Education, HR Solutions, Asset Management and Retail.

Intersoft is committed to help its clients achieve the highest levels of efficiency and productivity by offering back office outsourcing services like data entry, data management and business analysis. We can tailor our services to fulfil the exact needs of the client by leveraging our technology, resources and skills allowing them to focus on their core business processes and cut costs without compromising on quality.


Intersoft has been successfully providing BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING services to its clients over the years. Intersoft is a major player in software development and has accumulated knowledge in different industry domains. With the help of knowledgeable and experienced resources at Intersoft, we are providing services in data entry, data verification and data search for our clients at a cost-effective rate. We have majorly worked on Health care industry, background verification and education domains.

One of our teams is primarily responsible for data entry and data Management for various universities spread across the US. Our team meticulously analyse and update the relevant data for client specified universities in order to ensure error free documentation of the applications. The other team verifies the uploaded information by in-depth analysis of the data in order to ensure that data entry has been performed accurately and as per the guidelines provided by the client for respective universities. Besides data verification, team is also responsible for making the end user compliant so that they meet the legal requirements laid down by the US government. We also perform searches for background verification and share the results with our client so that people with unlawful antecedents do not get sensitive jobs. Precision, accuracy and data security are the prime areas where teams are regularly trained.

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