Financial institutions have undergone exponential changes in recent decades. Dramatic transformations in technology, distribution systems and fierce competition have triggered unprecedented development in the financial services industry. These recent economic changes are close to a financial revolution and have ushered in a new era in digital technology.

Our core banking experience combines in-depth banking knowledge and technology expertise to bring innovative end-to-end offerings to our clients seeking to strengthen their banking capabilities and fulfill their unique requirements. We draw on these capabilities to offer a unique perspective that can help financial institutions deliver innovative customer experiences while modernizing existing banking solutions to improve efficiency, relevance, profitability and growth.

Intersoft's client base features leading financial institutions who leverage the offshore structure to achieve expense reduction without compromising on productivity or quality.

Additionally, our proficiency in the banking and finance domain has created a strong foundation for innovation and automation of manual processes, helping our clients withstand the tremendous competition prevalent in the industry. Our satisfied customers in the financial services vertical include reputed names like Citi Financial and Open Technology Solutions (OTS).


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Implementation Of CACS

Intersoft was the dedicated vendor for Citi Financial, which is one of the largest financial services provider in the world, providing a single supplier integration of applications, processes and systems to support their functioning. Taking thorough advantage of the onsite-offshore model with a dedicated team working hard round-the-clock, we implemented multiple projects of varying size and scope for Citi over several years. This included their loans processing and servicing system, which streamlined various functional areas including sales support, worklist, branch administration and customer service.

Financial services fall into several categories and their processing is dependent on numerous factors. Such complex business relationships necessitated meticulous testing efforts in order to ensure high performance and accuracy of the systems. With our banking expertise and commitment to excellence, we helped Citi improve their functional efficiency across the board, thus enhancing profitability and accelerating growth.

Intersoft worked with a banking domain client who provides a variety of progressive and innovative solutions that drive its partner financial institutions’ success, from outsourced back-office services to delivery channel products.

As a principal player, the focus lies both in innovative services that benefit its partners as well as providing the best delivery channel services available.

Intersoft has been developing a software system for one of its banking domain client which can allocate the work based on priority, perform dynamic delegation or reallocation of work queue in case of escalation, provide early warning alerts for approaching scheduled delivery time, has availability of online documentation, Communication Center, online training calendar, time tracking and reporting.

The online system gives a clear view of the total quanta of work, the load on the employees, an insight into any critical request or total work done over the period of time. The system is also integrated with Intersoft’s proprietary Rule Engine which has the ability to define customized business logic in the system at the end-user level without the need for modifying the code of the application.

Intersoft worked with a major financial institution in the USA with a vision to work in multiple areas in core banking systems. Intersoft is involved in end to end verification of latest Alkami banking platform ranging from managing wires and payments to administering sub-users, their permissions, the basics of accounts, transfers and bill pay with P2P, card controls, alerts, account aggregation, rewards and much more.

Using its experience in banking domain Intersoft helped its client implement agile methodology which has significantly improved the quality of its products. Intersoft developed Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) solution which has been employed to integrate different banking systems seamlessly. Requests between various banking systems like Alkami, Online Banking Services, External Services are integrated via ESB built by Intersoft supporting complex financial data objects in secure manner with high performance and scalability for large number of transactions.