Unparalleled increase in digital data coupled with easy accessibility of emerging technologies has enabled organizations to explore the possibilities of machine learning for the growth of their business. As the machine learning based analytics and predictive business models are attaining new heights, organizations should adapt to the change or can have the risk of becoming extinct.

Just like computers and the internet made their way into all walks of life, Machine Learning is going to be the next big thing. The only difference is that it’s going to happen way faster than we could have ever imagined. Over the next 5 years, we are going to see intelligent versions of everyday electronics and connected devices. Our interactions with these devices will start to become more natural and human-like.

There is going to be a significant increase in machine learning solutions that interact with the physical world.

Intersoft’s Machine Learning offering helps organizations develop custom solutions that help them in faster decision making, increased productivity and business process automation.

We empower organizations to:

  • Explore emerging trends in machine learning to design custom solution that solves a specific business case.
  • Accelerate execution time for processes by implementing intelligent automation.
  • Analyze present and past stats to make predictive analysis.

It’s hard to think of any major industry that is not using or planning to use machine learning.

Intersoft’s Machine Learning Offerings:

  • Supervised and unsupervised learning.
  • Predictive analysis.
  • Statistical Modeling.
  • AI and Deep learning.

Machine Learning Frameworks and Tools Expertise

Intersoft’s Machine Learning Service (MLS) will help you quickly find data patterns to construct models through machine learning technologies and deploy these models as prediction and analysis solutions.


Case Study

Complio for American Data Bank (Microsoft Cognitive Services, Hadoop, AI, Machine Learning and NLP)

Background - In 2018 Intersoft worked with one of its clients to develop their solution for candidate profile matching wherein candidates from schools across the US can be matched to job positions in hospitals. The core objective was to gather job requirements and through Natural Language Processing (NLP), build an actual profile requirement that needs to be filled.

Solution – Intersoft’s solution used Machine Learning and training the system to process text data. Further, from the profiles received, the matching engine solution using NLP and Machine Learning would match the candidates for eligibility to job requirements and consequently, to actual positions.

  • Intersoft was responsible for design, development, testing, UAT and PROD roll out of this solution.
  • Map-Reduce as well as NLP algorithms were used to develop the custom solution.
  • Microsoft Cognitive services were used for all the intelligence and machine learning.