At Intersoft we are always on the lookout for individuals with a passion for technology and an insatiable appetite for learning

We are constantly expanding our teams to include fresh graduates as well as seasoned professionals with several years of experience in the software industry. These hand-picked individuals are the cornerstone of our rapid growth. Moreover, our business principles and policies are designed based on a firm belief that employee satisfaction is the key to the success of the organization.

Why work at Intersoft?

Work-life balance

Freedom and flexibility are part of our work culture. Not just that, we also like to have fun on the job and make each day an enjoyable experience, celebrating festivals as well as professional milestones with equal fervour.


As an employee-oriented organization, we recognize and reward talent and dedication to the job. Rest assured, you'll find that your hard work never goes unnoticed!


Whether you’re a fresher with unlimited enthusiasm and the ability to face challenges head-on, or a veteran with many successful projects under your belt, there is no dearth of opportunities for you here. We work on the latest technologies, and encourage innovative solutions to familiar problems. Our clients are some of the most esteemed organizations world-over. We also conduct frequent trainings and use modern tools and processes to properly utilize the immense potential of our people.

Open work culture

Intersoft’s vision is to empower employees with the right tools and skills to achieve their learning goals and mentor them on their chosen career path. To this end, we have fostered an environment of openness and transparency, emboldening each individual to share their ideas and have their concerns be heard and addressed. Our work culture is highly team-oriented and collaborative, thus ensuring that every employee receives the support that he or she needs not only to achieve the project objectives, but their own personal career goals.

What are we looking for?

Passion for technology

Technology is ever-changing, and we are looking for dynamic individuals who can keep up with the latest trends and are motivated to master new skills and use them to creatively provide cutting-edge solutions to our customers.


Any organization that relies on the use of information to reach business objectives has a clear understanding that the quality and security of information has a significant impact on the ability to achieve business goals. It is, therefore, extremely important to us that all our employees realize the importance of information security and possess the personal integrity to practice it.

Customer focus

As stated in our mission statement, customer delight is our ultimate goal. As such, we want to hire people who strive to understand the precise needs of the customer and employ technology to meet these needs in an effective manner.

If you think you are the perfect fit, get in touch and begin your journey with Intersoft!

Employees Speak

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I'm proud to say that I will soon be celebrating my 7th anniversary working at Intersoft. Intersoft is a great place to work! Here is a list of reasons: Family friendly, flexible work schedules, suggestions for changes are received openly, easy to implement changes, great co-workers, friendly environment, lots of training opportunities, onsite opportunity, senior staff seems to really care that employees are happy and motivated.

Intersoft provides a great opportunity to work on a variety of projects using the latest technologies. It is a great place to learn new skills and new technology. Everyone is approachable and willing to take time out of their busy schedule to help each other. Even if you are new, you are never underestimated. Managers are not afraid to give you new challenges so that you can learn and grow. Intersoft hires only the best people and I enjoy working with a fantastic group of co-workers.

Vikas Sr. Technical Lead November 29, 2018

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I joined Intersoft in February, 2017 as a Senior Technical Lead. From the day I started my role, I was really impressed with the positive attitude of my team members. I immediately appreciated the pleasant atmosphere and identified with the likeminded, driven people, and this hasn’t changed since. The company offers many growth and development opportunities and a chance to learn how to think outside the box and always finds new ways to achieve the best results for the customers we represent. It has really been exciting to work at Intersoft throughout and to see and be a part of the company’s constant growth, changes and pleasant surprises.

Rishab Senior Technical Lead November 29, 2018

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I am working with Intersoft for 3 years. The company has nice work culture and allows employees to work freely. Also, there is good support from seniors and employees are motivated and appreciated for their efforts. Lot of employee friendly policies and initiatives from HR department. Many events are organized by HR and celebrated properly by employees. The learning to experience ratio is just amazing.

Harsh Sr. Software Engineer November 29, 2018

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I am working in this company from last year as a software engineer. My experience in Intersoft is very good. My growth is like a tree branching out in all directions. I got many things to learn in this company like coding standards, code security, new technologies, team management, etc. Intersoft organizes many events for Employees' fun which helps in decreasing the effects of stress on our mind and body. HR makes us practice yoga daily. These things are helping us to cope up with everyday stress and various health problems.

Mohit Software Engineer November 29, 2018

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Working with Intersoft feels like an extension of the family where I was happy to come back to work after a small sabbatical to some wonderful and challenging opportunities to work hard, play harder and shine as deserved. Intersoft continues to cater to variety of clients, domains/projects and technologies, giving tremendous learning opportunities to employees under the leadership of supportive management. I have had the privilege of starting from a junior position to a management position in a short tenure of 4 years by learning, performing and growing while maintaining a work-life balance. Had many successful and memorable onsite experiences as well which help take client relationships a long way. It’s fun to be part of team activities, games, trips, championships and many celebrations when all the teams come together to take a break, enjoy and recognize all the hard work. Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.

Santhi Assistant Test Manager November 29, 2018

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I have been fortunate and blessed on my journey with Intersoft for more than 5 years as a Senior Technical Manager. I have learnt here to enjoy leadership and am proud to say that it has been a very rewarding experience with ample growth opportunities, learning to be the best multi-taskers under stress scenarios, the best synthesizer of complex thoughts and radiator of positive energy. Learning new skills in unexplored areas of IT industry has empowered me to venture into uncharted waters with a competitive edge, thanks to Intersoft leadership for providing me opportunities at every step of my career. As a leader and well-wisher, I find this to be the most fulfilling and meaningful endeavour in my journey of 15 years in IT industry.

Amit Senior Technical Manager November 29, 2018

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Intersoft pays utmost importance to the well being of its employees. There are lot of opportunities for the employees to build knowledge on latest technologies and grow. The company also provides opportunities to its employees by arranging visas and sending them onsite. Intersoft makes it a point to update its employees with latest technologies and provide training to enrich them. The ambience of the company is also quite employee friendly. Systematic appraisal and feedback system is also in place at Intersoft. Due to these reasons, employees stick to the company for longer duration.

Vikram Test Manager November 29, 2018

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For an individual development in any field whether it’s IT industry or some other anonymous field, few key skills are must which are thrived in an individual through organisation in which they are working.

Fortunately, in my career journey, Intersoft acted as a medium to overcome all hurdles and erudite new skills at every step. While covering every milestone step in Intersoft helped me to develop skills such as leadership, put forward my thoughts and ideas confidently, develop professionalism, improve technical skills etc. This organisation shaped my personality to be best fit for IT profession. So, I am in consummately accord with the statement that “My journey with Intersoft is truly laudable and memorable experience.

Ravneet System Analyst November 29, 2018

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I have been working at Intersoft for nearly 2 years now and have benefited greatly from the open and supportive work culture. The environment is team oriented and transparent, and growth opportunities are aplenty.

Avneet System Analyst November 29, 2018

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Intersoft, as the name suggests has been serving not only its customers but its employees as well with opportunities, learning and overall growth. I joined this organisation 2 years ago and my time here has been enjoyable. Since almost the beginning, I have been placed in a fast paced team with amazing people. According to me, an individual should have sufficient time before and after work which one can manage very comfortably here. The support of the management and managers adds to the ease of working. Approaching the management is very easy, which makes you comfortable at the workplace. I am happy to be a part of this company and wish to learn and grow as much as I can.

Arjun Test Engineer November 29, 2018

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I have been working with Intersoft since last 8 months as a Sr. Software Engineer.Great work culture.

You get ample opportunity to enhance your skills. Feel awesome to work with a talented team.

Pranav Sr. Software Engineer November 29, 2018

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Very healthy work environment, everyone is very helpful and there is always a positive two-way communication with the Top level management. Good exposure to various technologies, always focus on learning the new technologies. Fun and entertainment activities are always there like month-end parties, celebrations of different festivals, on premises Table Tennis and many more.

Sonam System Analyst November 29, 2018

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My journey with Intersoft Data Labs has been amazing so far. With my manager, Mr. Vikram Jethi's unparalleled guidance and support, I have had the opportunity to work in different projects over these 2.3 years at the company. The working environment of the company is commendable, making work a fun place, giving every individual zeal to come and work with enthusiasm every day. I am content being a part of this organization and hope to fulfil my ambitions I ever dreamt of.

Arsh Sr. Software Engineer November 29, 2018

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I have had many opportunities to enhance my skills and industry knowledge after joining Intersoft in 2013 right after completing my engineering. Intersoft has enabled me to greatly boost my career with a diverse range of exciting and challenging projects. At Intersoft there are no limitations for growth and I’ve always been encouraged to stretch myself, improve my knowledge and develop new skills. No day is ever the same and, for me, it is this diversity that makes working at Intersoft really enjoyable. Intersoft is people-focused and this remains strong throughout the company’s growth and development. This is an exciting time to be working at Intersoft and I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that come with the expansion of the business. I’m looking forward to my future at the company and I believe Intersoft is an excellent organization with which to build a career.

Ramit System Analyst November 29, 2018