Businesses are continuously striving to have insights and understanding of business performance based upon data and statistical methods.
Organizations today are encountering large volume of data and trying to make business sense of it. The challenge is to be able to leverage this data quickly and generate insights about customers, competitors and business processes.

Our business analytics practice is composed of a multidisciplinary team that strategizes, builds and delivers analytics solutions to businesses to get competitive advantage. Intersoft has heavily invested in developing a team of developers with project experience in Business Analytics.

Business Analytics Services

“Experienced in analyzing data relationships, developing hypotheses for managerial decision, generating business need specific reports, Intersoft’s business analytics services can help in all the stages of analysis of your business data.”

Case Study

One of the major retail chains in US worked with Intersoft to setup its Data Warehouse competency center in India. The objective of setting up this competency center, was to build an in-house team of data warehouse professionals who would take up responsibility of managing and enhancing its Data warehouse. The Data warehouse supported operational systems like Supply Chain, Inventory management, Fraud Management and for promotion management.

Intersoft helped hire right mix of strong professionals with deep development experience in Data Warehouse technologies. Team was provided with knowledge of retail domain, followed by the knowledge transfer of retailer’s specific practices. Structured KT plan and gradual integration in Operation management activities has helped the team to take over operations within a short span.