Global boundaries have shrunk in today’s world, information flows across continents, information is processed in one part of the world and solutions based on that information and knowledge is used in other parts of the globe. Having smooth flow of information and to provide reliable, consistent services require that Intersoft has right processes in place at all levels and in all spheres inside the organization. Our customers expect us to deliver top class services that are based on best practices with the belief that their data is safe. On its part, Intersoft ensures that all the systems and processes followed in company are based on best practices and comply with security guidelines.

Operational aspects for managing systems and networks, security policies, handling software licenses, managing our vendors, HR operations, Accounting departments are reviewed and audited for compliance. The software development processes are based on great blend of CMMi standards and product development practices. Our software development processes ensure that all teams are adhering to basics in all stages from initial analysis design, development, testing to final delivery. Our teams are not only dynamic and agile to meet the urgent needs of customers but also grounded in basic processes to follow all the practices of delivering high quality software solutions with precision and stability.

Intersoft has an Advanced Technology Group (IATG) that includes technical architects, managers and subject matter experts.

Members of IATG team do the technical and process audits of the projects to find the gaps and evaluate area of the improvement, which helps the project team and hence our customers. Members from IATG actively get involved in all phases of the project and provide an independent opinion on the technical quality, engineering process and management practices of projects. Primary goal of AITG is to elevate the technical quality of our work and processes across the board and to propagate best practices as per industry standards. We believe our strong focus to technical quality and processes of our work results in substantial value delivery to our customers.

Intersoft has a strong information security policy in place that covers all type of information, data and systems that are handled by Intersoft teams and personnel.

All employees are regularly educated about information security policy and evaluated to ensure they are aware of important security practices. Regular security audits are conducted for the IT assets, data and systems. All pieces of customer’s data, business processes, software systems are kept confidential as part of Non-Disclosure Agreement. Intersoft uses all possible measures for protecting the sensitive information and piece of knowledge that reside with Intersoft from all the customer engagements. Only authorized personnel are allowed access in the Intersoft facilities. Our IT infrastructure is protected by firewalls, latest anti-virus software supported by redundant devices and internet lines along with strong access control processes that are in place.

We completed “ISAE 3402/ SSAE 18 - Type 1” certification successfully in 2018. The assessment was done by KPMG, one of the Big four audit organization, of General Operating Environment supporting delivery of services by Intersoft and provided System and Organization Controls (SOC) 1 Report. Its aim is to produce a formal report on the design, implementation and operating effectiveness of controls within a service organization. Standard for Attestation Engagements No. 18 (SSAE 18) follows USA standards and developed by American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Auditing Standards Board (ASB). It is almost same as the International Standard for Assurance Engagements No. 3402 (ISAE 3402), formerly SAS 70, which is an attestation standard issued by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB). Earlier, we had received certification of its previous standard “ISAE3402/SSAE16 Type 1” by KPMG in 2014.

Intersoft has undergone Software licensing audit by KPMG License Compliance Advisory covering all IT assets. Audit was conducted for Intersoft Gurgaon and Mohali development centers. The aim was to get a formal external assessment of Software usage footprint within organization and be in line with Software License compliance.