Intersoft is a niche provider of top class services for variety of software with consistent delivery for more than 15 years.

  • Intersoft is providing software services in multiple industry domains ranging from BFSI, Healthcare, Travel &Tourism, Education, Retail, eCommerce, Entertainment, HR Solutions.
  • Intersoft offers unique blend of technology expertise, quality, stability and agility by cutting down bureaucratic flab to ensure our experts employ their core skills on devising powerful solutions that give an edge to our customers.
  • Intersoft has successfully delivered several transformational large-scale enterprise systems over the years.
  • Intersoft has developed reusable components like Enterprise Framework, Rule Engine, Enterprise Integration Hub to accelerate software development.
  • Intersoft has a strong base of 700+ professionals having expertise in diverse technologies, domains and futuristic mindset to adopt latest technology waves in Digital Transformation, Block Chain, Machine Learning, UI/UX, Large Data Warehouses, Custom and Packaged ERP solutions with focus on quality and compliance.
  • Intersoft is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland with satellite offices in Chicago and Denver. India R&D centers are located in Gurgaon and Mohali.

our vision

To offer world class services and software solutions delivered by passionate people blending technology expertise, domain knowledge and enabling processes. Our ultimate objective is customer delight by providing smart solutions meeting schedule and cost objectives to build reliable partnership with customers.

We believe that our customers are our most important partners

We believe that our customers are our most important partners and we strive hard to meet our customers’ expectations even going extra mile. We are well aware of the varied constraints, needs and objectives that drive our clients’ business. So, we are driven by philosophy of first understanding key needs of a customer to accordingly plan the whole engagement focussed on addressing those needs. We adapt our services specific to customer requirements for best outcome for our customers. We have deep belief that our customers’ success is our success. We use our technology expertise and domain knowledge acquired over one and half decade of experience since 2003 to provide high quality software solutions to our customers.

Intersoft is always keeping pace with technological advancements to provide solutions by using the best technology options and latest tools available. Our employees are completely focussed on achieving excellence in every task with meticulous approach to ensure successful delivery of services and solutions to our customers. We are conscious of the fact that Customer put their trust in us to provide good software and business solutions which will help them in managing their business and meet their business goals. Our teams work diligently to ensure that solutions designed and delivered by them meet the end user requirements in day to day operations, they are stable, they are flexible for end users to meet dynamic business needs and can also evolve naturally for future business scenarios .

We understand the importance of time factor in today’s fast paced world so timely delivery of services, products and solutions is always a top priority for us. We work closely with our customers to provide services and solutions meeting the time and budget goals. We take pride and feel satisfied that we have successfully delivered solutions that have helped all our customers worldwide accomplish their business goals in last 15 years of our existence.

We at Intersoft understand that our employees are our greatest strength. In our entire journey of 15 years so far, our employees have played a key role in our success. It is they who are at forefront in providing great services to our customers. So, it is natural that Intersoft as an organization strives to be an employee friendly. Ultimately it is our people who are delivering services and solutions to our customers. Having happy and satisfied employees ensures repeatable success both for us and for our customers. We have many employees focussed initiatives in practice. Starting from hiring stage itself, we always endeavour to select and hire the best talent

Nurturing and mentoring the talent carefully to help everyone realize their full potential and reach higher levels of excellence is next logical step. Giving everyone space to be creative, express themselves, constant learning and growth is part of the culture at Intersoft. Our high performing teams have many stars where everyone collaborates to come up with best ideas and high-quality solutions and in the process, they also learn and grow. Our employees always meet customer needs with will do attitude and go extra mile to help customers accomplish their business goals. People’s long-term career aspirations are planned and progressively people are guided on their professional growth journey. Providing the best tools and giving opportunities to work on latest technologies, trainings and learning opportunities, exposure on creating world class solutions help our people retain their edge. Our HR processes are guided by empathetic philosophy of long term well-being and regular growth for our people. Everyone’s performance is recognized and rewarded. Our development processes ensure that there is proper planning and execution maintaining right work life balance for everyone so that everyone remains energetic, motivated to keep on achieving excellence. We have been able to retain our performers for long term association with us thereby adding values both to Intersoft and to our customers with continuity of knowledge which is intrinsic for repeated success and providing stability for meeting dynamic business scenarios.

Being transparent is a core aspect of Intersoft business principles. Intersoft believes transparency with all the stakeholders including our customers, our employees, our partners, our vendors help create mutual trust which builds long term sustainable value for everyone. Transparency starts internally with our processes which drive sharing of information among the teams. We are transparent with our customers starting from our capabilities, our  experience and track record, our learnings that have matured in real life scenarios, our estimates and regular status in all initiatives. Transparency has lead us to build great teams and help us develop strong partnerships with our customers. By doing business with Intersoft, you can be rest assured that Intersoft will always share the right information with you, provide the best guidance and recommendations in all circumstances to help you overcome your challenges.

We Believe in Innovation

The speed of technology innovations has increased manifold in today’s world. So, creativity and innovation are essential for a technology driven company like Intersoft. We have realized that being innovative is art and science which is refined with natural talent solving real world problems over the years. It requires continuous zeal to keep pace with technology waves to ensure that our employees are well equipped to devise best in class solutions for our customers. Our R&D centers have talented people as part of Intersoft Advanced Technology Group (IATG) that consists of technical architects, managers and subject matter experts. IATG team do the research and works on leading edge technologies to create the solution frameworks and innovative components. During the inception of the projects, IATG involves actively with project teams to help the project team use the best technology components and robust system architecture. IATG also solves specific problems on demand from the project team. We have successfully developed many innovative solutions and components like Business Rule Engine, Integration Service Hub, Business Forms, the whole UI/UX experience and rich UI templates that act as accelerator in building systems. We encourage our people to research into technologies by giving them freedom, supporting environment by providing tools and time, mentoring with systematic approach to help them mature an initial idea to an innovative solution. We have realized since our inception that innovation cannot be just restricted to technology alone. We are innovative in all the spheres of the organization at all levels – the way we bring in new talent and nurture talent, the way we do meticulous planning, the way complex projects are executed, the way processes are fine tuned for high quality output, the way we manage to deliver within time and budget goals. Being innovative has helped us provide greater value to our customers and propelled us on path of growth.