Mobile Application Development

As an extension arm of the Enterprise Application Development initiative, the Mobile App. Development practice is responsible for design, development, testing and publishing of native mobile apps both for the Android and the iOS market. We also support development for hybrid apps with a strong experience base with HTML 5. We have developed our own suite of HTML 5 capable controls for the mobile platform. As a huge boost to the overall initiative, the creative team works hand in hand with the mobile application development group towards projects running with Hybrid apps.

Although diverse, we also develop applications on the RIM platform using the J2ME Wireless toolkit.

Intersoft/Vserv Mobile Device Management Approach


Messaging Notifications
  • Push notification suite for mobile applications
  • Urban Airship for the Enterprise
  • Self-service web console for managing your mobile apps
  • REST web services API for integration with any internet-connected device
  • Use location data, context or user preferences to generate tailored/focused messages
CMS Niche Services
  • User experience & interface testing for mobile apps
  • App Store for the Enterprise
  • Wirelessly deploy and test mobile apps over-the-air
  • Better, faster testing of mobile application builds
  • Avoids time and cost of FTP uploads, distribution lists, device provisioning and complex installation instructions
CMS Platforms
  • Capture mobile apps usage data
  • Omniture for mobile apps
  • Fact-based insights to what features and functions are most important to users
  • Plan future releases, identify training opportunities and improve user experience
  • Develop custom reports, data visualization and export to BI or 3rd party analytic services
CMS Projects
  • iOS 7.x SDK
  • Android SDK
  • J2ME Wireless Toolkit
  • Windows 8 SDK
  • Hybrid HTML5 Apps