Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Is An Innovation-led Opportunity that helps organizations create new business models and reinvent existing business functions in the rapidly changing environment.

Achieving digital transformation goals requires a complete overhaul of the entire business. A successful digital transformation requires the sense of knowing your customer and becoming totally passionate about meeting and exceeding their expectations therefore companies need to rethink their core business and operating assumptions from the ground-up.

Customer expectations are rising and businesses need to stay fresh or risk losing valuable customers to their competitors. Intersoft’s Digital Transformation services will help transform your digital capabilities and build digital services that are simpler, clearer and faster to use. Cloud Computing, Block chain, Digital Wallet, Crypto Currency, Big Data and Mobile are some of the major technologies that we use to help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals.


  • Determination of brand, selling strategy and Business channels Assess readiness on the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION
  • Knowledge on business, systems and operations, current architecture, data and analytics
  • Goals, targets and budget for the business channels
  • Skills and gaps mapping for digital transformation
  • People and technology requirements
  • Scope of work for different business channels
  • Prioritization of work for all channels
  • Establish engagement levels and models, work streams
  • Establish the transformation path and project alignment
  • Define and develop management and governance strategies/processes.
  • Estimate time, effort and resources in each work stream
  • Plan and estimate the client engagement in time and resources
  • Establish Return on Investment using Data and Analytics
  • Evangelize the strategy, plan and channel direction
  • Planning, Business Architecture, Governance
  • Solutions, Technology Stack and Architecture
  • Build up of teams – business strategy and technical